Aikido is the ‘Way of Harmony’, a discipline which originated as a Japanese Budo which has become popular throughout the world with those who seek a better understanding and awareness of themselves and their relationship with others.

The emphasis in aikido training is on non-competitive, co-operative and creative ways of learning principles that can be applied to daily life. Regular practice develops ‘calmness in action’ and the ability to relax when under stress.

As a form of self-defence, aikido gives equal if not greater importance to the inner aspects of dealing with conflict, as it does to the purely physical, technical aspects.


KEIKO: polishing the mirror, finding the path

Training at Koshinkai Dojo is conducted in our dedicated Japanese-style space. We offer regular practice in a positive, safe and friendly environment. It is easy for beginner students to start aikido and they are welcome at our scheduled practice or can enrol in one of our Introduction to Aikido courses.

The hierarchical system of grading is not emphasised, but recognition is given to those who have demonstrated a clear determination to develop themselves through regular training, and those who contribute to the work of the dojo. We feel it is important that grading should not become an end in itself, since aikido is not a competitive activity.

Toho iai

AIKI WEAPONS: perfecting the self

Aikido is fundamentally linked to the study of the sword. At Koshinkai, aiki weapons, such as bokken, jo and tanto are practised as well as open-handed techniques.


MEDITATION: energy in silence

An old Zen teaching tells of the archer who hits the target even in pitch darkness by closing his eyes and concentrating on his inner core, his essence. In the same way, aikido has both “inner” and “outer” aspects that must be kept in balance. Training includes Shinto-based exercises inspired by nature to help achieve this balance.

Classes & Costs

“Nothing Surpasses Regular Training in Aikido”
Morihei Ueshiba

Introduction to Aikido

The next Introduction to Aikido course will run be run Tuesday 13th and 20th April 2021.
Fee is $50 for 2 classes, with plenty of free parking outside the Dojo.
To register interest or for information contact Justin Lewis:  justin@aikido.co.nz or 021 554 175


Morning Practice

  • Tuesday: Aiki weapons practice 06:30-07:30
  • Wednesday to Friday:  06:30-07:30

Evening Practice

  • Monday: 20:00-21:00
  • Tuesday: 19:00-20:30
  • Thursday: 17:00-18:25

Gasshuku ( training camp)

Two times a year we hold  Gasshuku at the beautiful Koru Dojo in Whitianga.
The next Gasshuku will be February 2021.

Kangeiko ( winter training)

Once a year in the coldest months we train intensively every morning to build our Aiki spirit


Koshinkai members regularly visit the Koru Dojo (above) in idyllic surroundings on the Coromandel  Peninsula for gasshuku (training camps). This is an opportunity to train intensively away from the distractions of the city. 

FEES: are as follows

  • Monthly A/P $52.50 – requires a $100 joining fee.
  • Six-monthly $300
  • Annual $550
  • Visiting aikidoka are welcome to train at the dojo – a mat fee of $10 per session.

Monthly fees are to be made by automatic payment; six-monthly and for annual fees which are by cheque/cash. Once you have paid your membership you are entitled to train at as many of the training sessions as you can manage.



David Lynch


Justin Lewis


Supporting instructors