Beginning Aikido Martial Arts Training

Instructor Justin Lewis
Instructor Justin Lewis

Introduction to Aikido course

The Koshinkai aikido dojo runs regular short Introduction Courses for those who would like to try Aikido without joining the Dojo as a member.
The short course will allow participents to experience aikido including dojo etiquette, basic exercises and techniques and the history and principles of Aikido.

Our 2018 Introduction to Aikido course schedule will be available soon

Please Contact below for further details.


m: Justin 021 554 175


Regular Aikido training

Beginners are also welcome to train at any of the weekday classes and will be looked after by the instructors and senior members, so that their introduction to aikido is painless and enjoyable.

Individuals progress at different paces and there is no pressure to perform, but (as with any worthwhile activity) regular attendance is essential to make progress.


                                                    "Fall down seven times - get up eight"

                                                                      Japanese proverb.

Classes are not rigidly structured and in the beginning can be rather confusing, but confidence comes with regular practice.

At least two classes per week is recommended, many of the regular members attend 3 to 4 classes per week.


                            " Nothing surpasses daily training in Aikido"

                     Second Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba1921 - 1999