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                Aikido  - O'Sensei's  Art of Peace.
Aikido - O'Sensei's Art of Peace.
Aikido is the 'Way of Harmony', a non violent mind/body discipline which originated as a Japanese martial art or Way which has become popular throughout the world with those who seek a better understanding and awareness of themselves and their relationship with others.
The emphasis in aikido training is on non-competitive, co-operative and creative ways of learning principles that can be applied to daily life.

As a form of self-defence, aikido gives equal if not greater importance to the inner aspects of dealing with conflict, as to the purely physical, technical aspects.
We are urged to rid ourselves of conflict as the first step along the Way. This involves mental discipline, centering, and a determination not to resort to force.
A skilled Aikido exponent can defend themselves against a larger and stronger attacker, whether they are armed or unarmed, and against attacks from multiple attackers.
The movements and techniques of Aikido exercise all muscles and joints and are practised equally on the left and rights sides of the body, leading to a balanced state of co-ordination, flexiblity and fitness

                      Regular practice of Aikido develops 'calmness in action' and the ability to relax when under stress.

Just attend a regular class, morning or evening, and an instructor will provide one on one training. 

This will introduce you to:

  • History and philosophy of Aikido
  • Dojo Etiquette
  • Basic exercises and principles
  • Basic techniques

After attending a few classes you will be well prepared to join regular Aikido training if you wish.

To register interest for the Introduction to Aikido course or for more information:

Contact Justin Lewis
09 815 3302 ( office hours)
021 554 175

Dojo Location

The dojo is located at:

38 Monmouth Street
Grey Lynn
Tel: (09) 361 1347